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Health Cost Sharing

Health Cost Sharing

Hi All,

I love taking care of your healthcare needs. I am also proud that I can handle most things that you bring to me. I do want to bring up the issue of insurance for emergency needs. Do you need it? No. Should you have something in place for emergencies? Yes. Insurance can be handy in situations when you need to be seen for referrals or at a hospital. However, there is an alternative that you should be aware of. Medical cost sharing organizations exist to pay for those unexpected medical needs. As a member of a medical cost sharing organization, you pay a monthly “share” to the organization and they, in turn, use the money to pay for member’s qualifying medical needs. Simple as pie. Usually there is an initial amount that you will pay before the need qualifies, this amount is determined by the plan you choose. It is usually anywhere from $500 to $2500. Much like a deductible with an insurance plan. Medical cost sharing organizations do not pay for primary care, which is where Direct Primary Care comes in to save the day. Some of them will pay for childhood vaccines, colonoscopies, and mammograms. If you are interested in knowing more, let me know and I can help guide you toward making a decision around this. Everyone is different and needs a different type of plan.


Dr. Ashley

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