Gastric Reflux

Do you take a lot of acid blockers for acid reflux? If so, read on, there might be a solution to your reflux that can help you use those pesky antacids less. Why worry about taking frequent acid blockers? Proton-pump

Blood Pressure: What you need to know

There is so much buzz about blood pressure, it seems to be the favorite vital sign. I'd like to point out some things to ease the tension around the topic and help you understand why we care about this vital

Can’t Stop Coughing!

Have you had a cough for what seems like weeks now? Wouldn't it be nice to have a doctor to call up and discuss this with? I want to share a couple of scenarios that have happened in this past

Health Cost Sharing

Hi All, I love taking care of your healthcare needs. I am also proud that I can handle most things that you bring to me. I do want to bring up the issue of insurance for emergency needs. Do you

Flu Shots

Hi all, We have flu shots! The cost is $16.50 per shot. CVS is charging $40 for anyone using cash, but feel free to use insurance at the pharmacies if you have it. Let me know if you want a