Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?   

PRP is made out of your body’s own serum and platelets. A licensed physician will draw 2-3 oz of your blood, remove the red blood cells, and suspend the platelets in your body’s own serum.  

How is it administered? 

PRP is generally administered around a site of chronic inflammation (tendons/muscles/joints) to promote a prompt, supercharged healing response.  The PRP injection sends a signal to your brain, telling it to send blood and inflammatory factors to the area to promote healing.  

How long does the injection take? 

The injection itself only takes 1-2 minutes. There is a period of response where the patient will need to wait 10-15 minutes to let the injection set up.  This period can be fairly uncomfortable. We do ask that you not take any anti-inflammatory medication 24 hours prior to and 72 hours after the injection.  This is because PRP is pro-inflammatory and we don’t want anything to hinder the healing process.  PRP will not work immediately. You can expect results of healing anywhere from 24 hours to 6 weeks later, however much time your body needs to heal the area you have injected. 

Will it work?   

There is no guarantee that PRP will work for you, however, Dr. Froese has performed hundreds of PRP injections and has had such good results for the majority of patients that we do think it will work for most chronic injuries. See our testimonials below! 


“I have been to see Dr. Ashley twice now for PRP. The first was for a shoulder issue and the second was for plantar fasciitis.  Both were chronic issues lasting 6-12 months.   

My shoulder took to PRP right away and within 3-4 weeks I had full use and no pain.   I noticed a huge difference in my foot after 5-6 weeks and 3 months later I was back to running and jumping rope pain-free.   I would highly recommend PRP to anyone who has been struggling with a nagging injury. To try it before surgery. ”       

 –Chase, Mesa, AZ 

“I have done 3 injections of PRP into my low back for chronic stiffness and immediately was able to get relief after the first injection. Now I can sit for longer periods of time at my desk and I am able to dance without pain!”

–Victoria, Chandler, AZ

“My elbow feels so much better after doing PRP with Dr. Ashley. I wasn’t able to hold a cup of coffee before doing the injection. Much improved.

–Brent, Gilbert, AZ